Mindful Wellness



If you’ve been struggling to quiet your mind from overwhelming negative self talk, worry, and stress, and you’re tired of emotional eating, binging on technology and beating yourself up for not doing the things in life you know you need to… but can’t seem to find the time and motivation to start or stick to…then keep reading.

Let’s face it…

As women we run from task to task, taking care of everyone’s needs but our own.


We’re distracted, and our To Do list is never ending. We want to live in the present moment but our mind is always rehashing the past or worrying about the future. We know we SHOULD be doing things like meditation, self care, and taking care of ourselves but it can be hard to make changes in our lifestyle. Sometimes we feel defeated and just want to give up trying.


There’s also so much conflicting information out there on how to “Feel good and be happy and healthy” that it’s confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming and we just don’t know who to trust.

It’s not your fault-you’ve been inundated with societal messages that you have to be the perfect wife, mother, caregiver…PERFECT WOMAN. You have to do it all.

It’s time to stop the overwhelm!

I’m here to help you get back on track the right way so you can make sustainable changes you can live with and be happy about.

Get ready to learn simple step by step strategies that you can easily implement in your daily life to help you:

  • Manage your thoughts and conquer negative self talk

  • Feel greater peace and calm in any circumstance

  • Be kind to yourself and quiet the mean girl in your head

  • Develop healthy relationships with your mind, body, food, and other people in your life

You’ll also get resources to start your personal meditation practice no matter if you are brand new and never meditated in your life PLUS personalized support and accountability that’s with you every step of the way.

Welcome to your...

Mindful Wellness

90 Day


Coaching Program

Sessions 1-4 of your Mindful Wellness Coaching Program,

lays a firm foundation of mindfulness strategies for personal growth, awareness, and transformation. Sessions 5, 6, 7, 8 build on that foundation to deepen your practice, overcome your roadblocks, and integrate a sustainable lifestyle based on your core values:

Session One

How to Set Supercharged Goals that Align with Your Values

We'll create your personal blueprint of goals that align with your deepest desires and values so you can take action and move forward on what you truly need to be happier and live a life of deep peace and abundant joy. I’ll walk you through step by step on how to clarify your priorities and how to recognize your compelling "Why" so you can start creating the life you want.

Session Two

Mindset Reset-Using the "Model" to Transform Your Automatic Limiting Beliefs to an Intentional Growth Mindset

This simple, effective and science based strategy will bring awareness to your thoughts, feelings, and actions so you can know exactly how to create the life you want and recognize what roadblocks have been holding you back. This practice is a game changer!


Session Three

Every Day Mindfulness and Meditation 101

I’ll show you how to practice mindfulness both formally and informally so that you can be mindfully aware of the simple joys in life.  You've probably already heard the astounding research and studies on how meditation changes the brain and may improve many health issues including better sleep, lowered blood pressure, decreased anxiety and depression, and even lowering inflammation in the body and reducing symptoms of chronic pain. But did you know that you don’t have to be a yogi and sit on a cushion for hours to reap the benefits of meditation? With my personalized 3-3-3 method, in just a few minutes a day you can make significant changes in your health in mind, body, and spirit. 

Session Four

Mindful Self Compassion and Self-Care

Self Compassion is the missing link to true transformation. I’ll help you create a compassionate and encouraging inner voice through mindful self compassion practices so you can learn to treat yourself like your own best friend instead of your worst enemy. Learn to give yourself what you really need and show up for yourself to increase your confidence, peace, resilience, and energy. Be stronger and healthier in all your relationships including your relationship with yourself and increase your capacity to be a kinder, more compassionate, and less judgmental human.

Session Five

Mindful Eating

I’ll show you how to practice mindful eating so you can be mindfully aware of hunger and fullness cues, savor your food, and transform your relationship with food and your body.  If appropriate for your goals, you may learn how to use intuitive eating strategies to finally make peace with food and nourish your mind and body through mindful meal planning and prep and trying new foods.

Session Six

Mindful Movement

If appropriate for your goals, you'll learn simple and effective mindful movements from Qi Gong to reduce stress, increase energy and vitality, and deepen your connection to your body.

Session Seven

Mindful Living and Finding Joy in Your Purpose

We'll integrate everything you've learned into your personal mindful living plan, discover your passion and purpose and what steps you will take to manifest your desires.

Session Eight

Closing the Circle

This final session of your program will be a chance for you to reflect on what you learned about yourself and the wide array of principles, and practices for cultivating mindfulness and self compassion and how you will move forward mindfully.


Shonda is a gorgeously grounded, empathic and heart centered mindfulness mentor and wellness coach. Warm, caring, a great listener, Shonda will hold you accountable with love and generosity. If you yearn to feel more joyful in your body, your mind, and your life-she’s a woman you want by your side.

~ Amanda Daley

Here’s how it works:

Weekly one hour sessions (via phone) for the first four sessions. Bi-weekly one hour sessions for sessions 5-8.

Each week you’ll gain access to resources (videos, audio meditations, journaling prompts and PDFs) focused on mindfulness concepts, practices, and instruction.

You’ll receive:

Weekly Mindfulness Strategies

One transformational strategy and/or mindfulness practice each week to get you on the right track to mindfulness, self compassion, and personal empowerment.

Guided Meditations

In session guided meditations to show you how to start your meditation practice and feel deep calm, relaxation, and peace and learn how to recognize and work with difficult emotions. You will also recieve audio guided meditations for your home practice between sessions.

Weekly Worksheets

Worksheets and reflection questions to deepen your awareness.

Meditation Journal & Tracker

 A meditation journal and tracker to keep you on track with your practice, reflect on what you're noticing and coach through challenges in session.

Exclusive VIP Access to Weekly Group Online Meditation Sessions and group Programs

My one on one clients receive extra support to all of my current offerings during the course of their program! Group programs TBA and usually run once a quarter and weekly meditation groups when available.

Your own Mindfulness Based Wellness Coach & Meditation Teacher

Support, accountability, motivation, inspiration, and access for 90 days to your own National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and trained meditation teacher to help you apply these principles to your daily life circumstances. 

 I'm Honored to Support You on

Your Path to Mindful Wellness

Where You Will Be...

  • Creating a Vision for the life you desire and taking the steps to get there

  • Using The Model to re-frame Limiting Beliefs, and acting on your values

  • Bringing Mindful Awareness to your life through mindfulness meditation

  • Cultivating Self Compassion and treating yourself with kindness 

  • Designing your weekly personal Self Care action plan to give yourself what you truly need

This program is valued at over $1400 USD, with the additional VIP Access

but your investment is just

$799 USD

Let me introduce myself!

I’m Shonda Palmer and I’m a certified Wellness Coach and trained meditation teacher who helps women just like you to feel greater peace, joy, and presence by quieting the mind of negative self talk with mindfulness and meditation.

I put this program together to make it EASY for women who take care of everyone but themselves get back on track with their happiness and wellness goals. I know how difficult it can be to make these lifestyle changes when you’re a busy women stretched thin, tired, and overwhelmed with stress.


Now you’ll have the support you need from an expert trained in the field of mindfulness meditation, self compassion and holistic wellbeing.

I’ll be there to help you every step of the way in a kind, uplifting, and compassionate way.

I’m so excited for you!


Angela K.

Shonda is so easy to talk to. She listens and always sees the next step. She has such a gentle style,
helping me to have a much healthier reaction to stress and my own shortcomings.

Dionne S.

Before working with Shonda I felt stuck and didn’t know how to help myself. Shonda taught me helpful tools and supported me as I used them to form habits of self care and move forward in my life.

Melanie H.

Shonda is a master mentor, coach, and healer for anyone embarking on a journey to health and

Kathy M.

Shonda is the best! She understands self compassion on a very deep level and you will benefit from working with her! 

Michele C.

Shonda helped me make life changes that I have been trying to make for YEARS! 

Sheri S.

I use the tools that Shonda taught me and with them my days are brighter and I’m happier!