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Party Planning (Pre-Challenge Training part 2!)

Now that you've thought about why you're here, let's have a chat about what you would like to get out of this 10 day challenge. I may say some things that surprise you, but stay with me! It just might open up a whole new perspective for you.

Have you ever noticed how you participate in a new endeavor or activity? We humans tend to participate in a few predicted ways:

Active participant- Open to new possibilities and committed to full benefit

Spectator- Content to observe from the sidelines and take passive action

Just checking it out- Focusing on a superficial investigation and participating only when convenient with no real commitment

I know, so tell me- Focusing on identifying what you already know, and not on new information

Critic- Focusing on what's wrong or not working

During this challenge I invite you to check in with yourself and notice your participation and if it aligns with the value you put on, not just the challenge, but yourself, the experience, and the benefits you wish to receive.

I always offer my clients the opportunity to set an intention for how they wish to experience their program. Choosing a value such as Curiosity, Openness, Courage, Awareness, Presence, Insight could enrich your experience and motivate your participation in the challenge.

Now here is the surprising part...

Mindfulness meditation as well as the practice of Mindful Self Compassion (a course I am trained in), is a "goal-less activity." One of the attitudinal foundations of mindfulness is Non-Striving. We often approach meditation and mindfulness practices with a goal or outcome in mind. Usually to feel better! But striving for a future outcome holds the belief that there is something wrong or needing to be fixed in the present moment, which goes against another attitudinal foundation of Acceptance. Ahhh! So, practicing without a goal and seeing what happens will be an adventure! Maybe even a party!

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