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Meditation Myths and Facts

Have you been thinking about adding meditation to your day to help with the myriad of feelings you may be experiencing during this challenging time?


If you’re new to meditation you may have some questions or heard a few myths.


Here are a few commons misconceptions about meditation.

Getting these facts straight will help you start (and stick to!) a regular meditation practice so you can better handle stress and feel a little more peace and calm in your life. We could all use that, right?


Ready for some myth busting? Here we go:


Myth- The goal of meditation is to clear your mind.

Fact- Your brain is designed to think. It is not possible to clear your mind of thoughts. Meditation is focusing on an anchor point such as the breath and watching with awareness your thoughts, emotions, and body sensations without judgement.


Myth- Meditation is relaxing.

Fact- Meditation CAN be relaxing but it can also be uncomfortable. You may start to notice tension,discomfort, anxiety, or even frustration while you meditate. The trick is to observe without judgement and with kindness and learn to be present with whatever your experience is.


Myth- Meditation is a religious practice.

Fact- While some people meditate as part of their religious practice and mindfulness meditation is associated with Buddhism, many use meditation strictly for physical, mental, and emotional health benefits and as part of their self care.


Myth- Meditation takes too long. I don't have time.

Fact- You can reap the benefits of meditation in just a few minutes a day. You can easily add brief mindful moments to your day and a short formal sitting practice. It doesn't have to take a long time to meditate- a consistent 5 minute daily meditation practice is more effective than a weekly 30 minute session.


I hope these fact are helpful in getting you started with your own meditation practice!

You can also join me on Wednesdays at 1pm pacific for a guided meditation session on Zoom! You can register at


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