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I became a wellness coach because I personally know what it's like to care for everyone else but myself.

Caring for a family with 4 kids, homeschooling, serving in my community, and trying to do it all came crashing down when my youngest was hospitalized with severe Crohn’s Disease and my husband was diagnosed with acute kidney failure and auto immune disease symptoms.

My bad habits of Netflix binge watching and emotional eating were not going to help me help them. And my family is EVERYTHING to me! I love them to the moon and back.


But I learned how mindfulness and meditation could help me manage my extreme stress and negative self-talk. Gentle movement and exercise from practicing Qigong could give me more energy. And proper nutrition and mindful eating could heal my IBS, conquer my emotional eating cravings, and allow me to finally drop 20 lbs and keep it off. When I felt better, I was able to better love and care for the people who needed me. 

Through my own trials, I discovered that I have a mission and purpose to help other women learn what I learned: you can’t serve from an empty platter. Self-care is not selfish—it is VITAL.


"Before working with Shonda, I felt stuck and didn't know how to help myself. Shonda taught me many helpful tools and supported me as I used those tools to form habits of self-care and move forward in my life. I feel that I know what my next steps are now and I am so excited with my life!"


-D.S. in Tennessee

"Shonda has a gift for asking the right questions at the right time! Her gentle, yet powerful questions helped me determine what I really wanted and how to get there. She guided me in planning and preparing for success in my health goals. She helped me identify and overcome the roadblocks and unhealthy patterns that were keeping me from losing weight. With her help, I didn't overeat, even during the holidays! I loved learning Qigong and meditation from her. Both practices helped me feel a deep sense of calm and peace. Shonda is a master mentor, coach, and healer for anyone embarking on a journey to health and wellness." 


-Melanie in San Diego

"When I first heard about Shonda's wellness coaching, I debated for a few moments before deciding I really didn't have much to lose and should give it a try.  

I had been fighting Major Depressive Disorder for a number of years and I felt like I had tried everything. I was at the end of my proverbial rope, worn out and hanging on, lacking the strength to even tie a knot in it!  

But then Shonda and I began chatting. Through what felt like not much more than caring and loving, Shonda showed me how to find gratitude again, how to redirect my brain, and how to breathe again. I am not sure what she did differently than so many others, how she worded things in a manner that clicked with me, or if it was simply a matter of Shonda's incredible calming gift.

Days can still be rough, but I use the tools that Shonda taught me and with them my days are brighter, I'm happier, and my family says they see the "old Sheri" peeking through.  

I tell people she saved my life...because she did." 


-Sheri in Oklahoma

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