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mindful meditation challenge

Want to get into the habit of meditating daily? The 5-Day Meditation Challenge is an interactive experience where you will take just a few minutes a day to learn how to meditate so you can show up for yourself and others as a calmer, more peaceful, more present version of yourself.

You will be invited to share your experience in a supportive environment in a private Facebook Group as well as have the opportunity to win free giveaways!

Are you ready to learn how to reduce stress and fill your own cup? Enter your info below to join.

The benefits of meditation are vast. Some people see mental and emotional benefits such as more peace and calm and less stress, some see physical benefits such as better sleep and better relationships with food and your body, and some people notice spiritual benefits such as a greater connection to themselves and more self love.

Meditation can be a door for you to experience transformation in many areas of your life. Hundreds of women have gone through my meditation challenge over the past almost 5 years and the overwhelming consensus is... you NEED this meditation challenge! It’s worth carving a few minutes of your schedule daily to dedicate to stillness.


"I feel like the Meditation Challenge really kick-started a new journey in my life. I'd been looking for something that I would feel passionate about, as far as a business that I could do from home. And the meditating helped open me up to receiving a huge download of inspiration."


"The last Meditation Challenge was my first experience with meditation. I honestly began it half-heartedly, not expecting it to make much of a difference in my day. I'm fairly health conscious: I eat clean, exercise - but I never considered meditation. Almost immediately, I began to look forward to this very short period of time that allowed me to decompress and focus myself. I even slept better, which was huge. I found that there were great payoffs and I was actually sad to see it come to an end. I'm excited that we've begun the process again and I look forward to hearing everyone's experiences. Thanks for all your wonderful, positive encouragement, Shonda. It definitely added to my experience."



"I had never meditated before Shonda posted about starting a Meditation Challenge. I was pretty skeptical about meditation in general, but I was open to trying something new. The benefits of meditation are many, but my biggest takeaway is that it relaxes my scattered mind and allows room for increased focus and awareness. The 10 minutes per day also gives me permission to focus on myself and my self-care (something that is easy to neglect). I use meditation daily to either prevent a stressful state of mind or de-escalate an already stressed mind."



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