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Monthly Mindfulness Mastermind

Support for Your

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Maybe You Need This? 

The sudden change and uncertainty over the past two years have left a lot of us feeling unsettled, unsure, and unable to feel grounded and at peace in daily life. But this disappearance of what we knew as "normal" brings an opportunity to begin again- a chance to start fresh. 

If you are feeling stressed, burned out and out of balance, one of the most effective ways to take back control and push the reset button is through MEDITATION, SELF-COMPASSION and MINDFUL SELF-CARE.

It’s easy to put yourself last on your list of priorities because you’re busy taking care of everyone else and before you know it, you feel burned out, exhausted and you’ve lost a part of yourself. 

What if, instead, you could...

Calm your mind, rejuvenate your body, renew your spirit, and focus on YOU for a while?

Imagine having a group of like-minded women (along with my support) to completely TRANSFORM how you feel over the next three months in just a few minutes each day? AND make it a life-long habit that is sustainable and enjoyable?



How you will FEEL after implementing what you learn:

  • More Calm

  • Less Stressed

  • More Focused and Productive 

  • More Patient with Yourself and Others

  • Experience More Gratitude, Joy, and Love

Let's practice together some simple and easy-to-implement solutions to dramatically REDUCE STRESS, IMPROVE YOUR MOOD, and BALANCE YOUR BODY AND SPIRIT in just minutes per day.   



Monthly Mindfulness Mastermind

3 Month Group Support

I have an invitation for you to go on a journey with me. To reflect on what IS working, what's missing the mark, and ultimately what you need most right now. Let's get clear on what will really serve us in this new year. 

Month One- Self-Love and Practicing Loving-Kindness Meditations for Yourself and Others

Self-Love. It's a term we hear all the time but do you know what it means for YOU? Imagine speaking to yourself with kindness...the way you do a best friend, so you create more good-feeling moments instead of guilt. Imagine stopping those negative thoughts right in their tracks, before it seeps into your heart and you begin to believe them. Imagine setting boundaries to protect yourself from the stress that's weighing you down, so you can finally feel lighter and more fulfilled. February is a month of love so let's focus on Loving Kindness meditations for ourselves and for others. Join me for a 5 day Loving-Kindness series where we meet on Zoom 5 days in a row to start the day with meditation and a daily theme to focus on. This will be POWERFUL and a great way to jump-start your meditation practice!

Month Two- Self-Compassion and Nourishing Self-Care

If you're anything like me (and most women I know), you spend most of your time pouring into your family, relationships, job, and service--while you get lost in the mix. But you can't pour from an empty cup, friend. How consistent are you at taking care of yourself?  This month we dive deep into nourishing self-compassionate self-care. We'll explore self-compassion exercises on topics such as gratitude, self-acceptance, self-love, and forgiveness. We'll practice taking care of ourselves from the inside out- because that's where transformation happens.

Month Three- Spring Into Heath for Mindful Wellness

Spring has arrived and the innate desire to refresh, renew, and declutter our lives is in full swing. This extends far beyond spring cleaning your closet (but we might do that, too! I call it Mindful Decluttering!) and it's also the perfect time of year to focus on and freshen up some healthy habits! Let's make some small but mighty changes this month to live with more integrity and alignment with your mindful and self-compassionate life! We'll focus on a framework of adding IN healthy habits instead of taking out and restricting old habits. We'll make it simple and fun and you'll see how quickly these changes will take root and flourish!

Each Month You Can Expect:

Live Guided Meditations

Live Group Coaching

Self-Compassion and Self-Care Help and Inspiration

Cultivating Healthy Mindful Habits and Routines that are Proven to Last

To Feel Empowered to Stick to your Goals and Habits with Ease, so you are set up for long-term success!

Shonda is a gorgeously grounded, empathic and heart centered mindfulness mentor and wellness coach. Warm, caring, a great listener, Shonda will hold you accountable with love and generosity. If you yearn to feel more joyful in your body, your mind, and your life, she’s a woman you want by your side.

~ Amanda Daley

Here’s How it Works:

Mastermind Starts February 2022. Each month you’ll gain access to: 

  • Exact step by step instruction on how to add mindful self-care to your busy life to feel healthier in mind, body, and spirit through group trainings, weekly mindfulness and self-compassion exercises, self-care topics to explore, and additional resources

  • Weekly Live guided meditations

  • Live Zoom Q & A and coaching your roadblocks with Shonda- experienced mindfulness based wellness coach and trained meditation teacher

  • A community Facebook group for support and accountability


You’ll Receive:

Monthly Mindful Self-Care Strategies

 Weekly Action Steps focused on one mindful area of focus to get you on the right track with ease. 

Guided Meditations

Guided meditations to show you how to start your meditation practice and feel deep calm, relaxation, and peace and learn how to recognize and work with difficult emotions with self-compassion and loving-kindness.

Group Coaching

Bring your questions, roadblocks, and celebrations to our Zoom calls for massive inspiration, support and accountability!

Exclusive Membership Group

You can think of this as your safe space. Both on the Zoom calls and in the private Facebook group. 

Your own Mindfulness Wellness Coach & Meditation Teacher

Support, motivation, inspiration, and access for 3 months to your own certified mindfulness based wellness coach and trained meditation teacher to help you apply these principles to your daily life circumstances.

PLUS you’ll get these amazing bonuses for free!

  • Access to my Audio Meditation Bundle (released in March)

  • All slides, recordings, and resources 

  • Lifetime Access with a private YouTube playlist of each month's recorded videos

This program is valued at over $1297 USD, not including the additional BONUSES,

but you can join today for only

$197 USD

Sign Up Now!
about me homepage_edited.jpg

You know me. We've been friends for a long time now. But just in case...

I’m Shonda Palmer and I’m a certified Wellness Coach and trained meditation teacher who helps women just like you to feel greater peace, joy, and presence by quieting the mind of negative self talk with self compassion, mindfulness and meditation.

I put this mastermind together for YOU. A woman who takes care of everyone but yourself so you can get back on track with your happiness, joy, and mindful living. I know how difficult it can be to make these changes when you’re a busy women stretched thin, tired, and overwhelmed with stress.


I want you to have the support you need. Not just from an expert trained in the field of mindfulness meditation, self compassion and holistic wellbeing, but from a whole community of like-minded, good-hearted women who truly lift others. You’ll be encouraged and motivated by women who share your same goals.

I’ll be there to help you every step of the way in a kind, uplifting, and compassionate way.

I’d love for you to join us!

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Kathy M.

Shonda is the best! She understands self compassion on a very deep level and you will benefit from working with her! 

Michele C.

Shonda helped me make life changes that I have been trying to make for YEARS! 

Sheri S.

I use the tools that Shonda taught me and with them my days are brighter and I’m happier! 

Angela K.

Shonda is so easy to talk to. She listens and always sees the next step. She has such a gentle style,
helping me to have a much healthier reaction to stress and my own shortcomings.

Dionne S.

Before working with Shonda I felt stuck and didn’t know how to help myself. Shonda taught me helpful tools and supported me as I used them to form habits of self care and move forward in my life.

Melanie H.

Shonda is a master mentor, coach, and healer for anyone embarking on a journey to health and

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