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My signature Mindful Wellness programs offer a personalized coaching experience designed to bring more joy to all areas of your life with Mindfulness Meditation. As a trained mindfulness and self-compassion teacher, I infuse every session with these principles, teaching you how to quiet the inner critic and dissolve negative self-talk. My coaching programs are not simply curriculum; they are custom-built to meet your specific needs and focus on helping you through the process of personal transformation. I'll be your guide as you dig deep and have your own aha moments and epiphanies that will truly change your life.

Program packages include 1-hour private one-on one sessions (via phone) over a four month period. I'll help you create a vision for yourself, set goals, overcome roadblocks, and develop the accountability and tools necessary for your success, which typically include habit change guidance, mindfulness and meditation, and other self-care practices. 

Programs start as low as $1297. Your 1-hour Discovery Call is complimentary.

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I Am the Perfect Coach

for You If You Are…

  • Ready to take action to make amazing and positive life changes. 

  • Craving clarity on how to invite more joy, peace, and purpose into your life

  • Willing to do the work to make real change and transformation take place 

  • Excited to make self-care a priority and self-compassion a key part of your life

You Are the Perfect Client

for Me If You Are…

  • Curious to explore what’s holding you back from a place of compassion

  • Aware (or willing to become aware) that you hold the answers inside of you

  • Empowered to make your own decisions with your health and wellness 

  • Not interested in a quick fix and ready to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle