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The Mindful Woman’s Daybook- Sunday Edition

What I’m Hearing~

  • The soft sounds of a snoring dog at my feet, punctuated by deep sighs and the occasional scratch of her ear. It’s the dog days of summer, indeed.

  • The blessed central air conditioner switching on and blowing cool bliss.

  • The gears shifting on the steam punk-esque clock on the mantel.

  • My neighbor’s sheep letting everyone know it’s dinner time. How I love that sound. It’s so earthy.

What I’m Seeing~

  • Some laundry piled up on the recliner.

  • The whirl of the ceiling fan making a blur and casting a shadow on the pitched ceiling.

  • A tin of 70% dark chocolate wedges sitting a few feet too far away from me.

What I’m Smelling and Tasting~

  • There is a very faint aroma of salsa in the kitchen left from a hungry teenager on their way out the door.

  • The salt from a blue corn tortilla chip dipped into hastily made guacamole right after church. Inspired by the salsa, no doubt.

What I’m Feeling (not emotions but a felt sense and body sensations)~

  • Itchy. I’ve been itchy all day. Mostly my face but also my legs and arms. It feels like allergies and I think it is brought on by hormones. A bizarre occurrence that comes on once a month.

  • My reading glasses perched on the tip of my nose very granny like. These are my back up glasses as I can’t for the life of me find my regular pair.

  • The air on my legs because I’m wearing shorts.

  • The soft cotton of my favorite t-shirt (grayish green with Mindfulness written in calligraphy by a Buddhist monk at Deer Park Monastery).

What I’m Experiencing (Emotions aka feelings)~

  • Humility & Gratitude (warmth in the heart area)

  • Some sense of urgency with a touch of anxiety (mostly felt as a twinge in the gut/solar plexus)

What I’m Thinking~

  • People are doing the best they can and that includes me

  • I’m finally blogging again and that makes me so very happy

  • Mary Poppins has inspired me to be more orderly (we saw the play last night and that was my take away)

  • Sending good thoughts and prayers to my friend as she prepares to take her boards this week as a naturopathic doctor.

  • There's just so much to DO (remember that sense of urgency in my gut? This is where that feeling is coming from. Thoughts create feelings.)

Plans for the Week~

  • Deep cleaning the house (thank you, Mary Poppins)

  • CEO date with myself at my favorite deli

  • Girls field trip to WinCo to check out the goods. Hoping for lunch, too!

  • Swim lesson and lots of practice. That rhythmic breathing is tough!

  • Book club

  • More. So much more.

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