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It’s OK to Be a Mess

One of the misunderstandings people sometimes have about the kind of mindfulness coaching I do is that they need to make themselves happy through meditation and the practices I teach or they just need to think happy thoughts.

I rather you learn to love yourself in all your messiness. Because let’s face it- we’re all a hot mess at one time or another. It’s just how life goes.

This week I journaled what I am calling Anti Affirmations.

I am messy. I am lazy. I am selfish. I am fearful. Because I am all of those things.

But instead of trying to shame myself into changing those things about myself, I decided to give those parts of myself some love and compassion. So after each Anti Affirmation I wrote AND I love myself. Not BUT or In spite of. And.

Because life is messy and I love life.

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