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Free Gratitude Table Top Pages for Your Holiday Dinner!

Here are 12 Gratitude prompts to get your Thanksgiving table buzzing this year! You can pass them around and read them aloud so you can all share your answers or place them at each place setting with a pen, pass to the right, and at the end, read each topic aloud and guess who was thankful for what! You could also use one topic each day to extend the gratitude through the season. Let me know how you use it to spark an attitude of gratitude in your family this year!

For the full 21 Day Give Thanks Challenge with all the prompts, join my free private Facebook Group Everyday Mindfulness/10 Day Meditation Challenge!

Give Thanks for...

1. What pet, current or past, are you grateful for? Tell us about that fluffy friend!

2. What is a favorite pastime you are grateful for? What does that hobby give you?

3. What family tradition did you have growing up that you are grateful for?

4. What family tradition did you have growing up that you are grateful for?

. 5. Name a song that brings back memories you are grateful for.

6. Who is a mentor in your life that you're thankful for?

7. What book are you grateful for?

. 8. Name an accomplishment you're proud of yourself for achieving.

. 9. What season are you most grateful for and why.

10. What technology are you grateful for and why?

11. What's one thing in your life you may have been taking for granted that you can show gratitude for today?

12. What's a basic need you have that's being met consistently that you can show gratitude for?

For all 21 of the Gratitude prompts and many more resources for cultivating gratitude, starting a meditation practice, and living a mindful life, head over to my FREE Facebook group, Everyday Mindfulness!

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